Our roofers have the skills and experience to carry out a range of roofing services including complete roof replacements. We will take care of all components to ensure that you are left with a watertight roof so that water penetration is a thing of the past. A typical roof replacement by Roofing Company Edinburgh may include the following, depending on your individual requirements:

  1. Slating and tiling replacement/ repairs
  2. Flat roof
  3. Valleys watergate replacement (code 5 lead) and zinc
  4. Lead platform roofs (code 8 lead) replacement/repair
  5. Lead centre gutters and wallhead gutters replacement/ repair
  6. Lead flashings( i.e chimneys skylights dormers and wall abatements vent pipes), barge flashings. apron flashings (code 5 lead)
  7. Chimneystack repairs
  8. Defective roof timber replacement
  9. Ventilation (roof vents to reduce heat build up)
  10. Insulation

Types Of Roofing Slates We Use!

Heritage traditional scotch slate

In Scotland many of the roofs are slated with traditional scotch slates, which were quarried from all around Scotland in a variety of sizes lengths and widths. All scotch slate is now reclaimed as there are no longer any working quarries in Scotland.

Scotch slate are dressed and sized then laid in diminishing courses starting from the largest at the bottom to the smaller ones at the top, it is also important on completing the roof that the top slates (tapping slates) are bedded with lime mortar fillet before ridging. Scotch slate has a good reputation as a very long lasting material with a life span of more than 150 years.

Nail sick

Slates were often fixed using poor quality nails and as a result the nails over time become nail sick meaning they have worn away and as a result are no longer able to hold the slate in place resulting in loose or slipped slates.

Avanzarspanish slate

Avanzar slate is a cost effective alternative to Ballahulish scotch slate it is an 8mm thick natural slate which has a 100 year quarry backed guarantee, to give you peace of mind. This slate comes in various sizes and is tailored to every size of roof.

Cupa heavy 3 spanish slate

This slate is produced for the Scottish market, when quarried it is split to a thickness of 8-10mm it is ideal for an alternative to Ballahulish Scottish slate.

Spanish natural slate

This slate has a robust durability but also a very beautiful appearance which stands out and will complement your home, these slates also have a 100 year plus guarantee.

Welsh slates

Welsh slates are still quarried to this day and are a very durable slate with 100 year guarantee and are very common in Edinburgh in areas like Orchard Brae, Craigleithetc, their colour is usually deep purple reddish also blue gray.

Other slates

Norwegian rogues, Burlington, Green peggies, Chinese and Brazilizn to name but a few.

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At our company we believe that YOUR SATISFACTION IS OUR GUARANTEE and we are very proud of the reputation we have built up in Edinburgh and the surrounding areas.


Roofing Company Edinburgh Roofing report service

Following a comprehensive inspection by a qualified roofer, a report documenting the findings and additional recommendations with indicative costings can be provided.

Including but not limited to:

  • ERL Roofing also offer a roofing report service
  • Pre-purchase roof survey
  • Roof condition and life expectancy
  • Future maintenance options
  • Post weather damage and risk assessments
  • Underlying timber structures of the roof
  • Lead work cover flashings
  • Chimneystacks
  • Insulation and recommendations

Additionally ERL Roofing can by prior request assist with the following:

  • Full photographic evidence of the work required
  • Liaising with estate agents for the collection and the return of keys
  • We can provide your report by email